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10 Years Ago The Announcement Of Howard Stern Created The Basis For This Business.

Sunday, October 19th, 2014
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10 years ago this October I was glued to my radio listening to Howard Stern announce he was coming to Sirius Satellite Radio and I knew at that moment that somehow his move to Satellite would change my life.

Within a month I got my first Satellite Radio and activating it and tuning in was nothing short of magical. At the time it was spectacular to have so many listening choices, options, and hear shows and songs without any censorship. Soon after I found a niche in painting satellite radio antennas to match the paint of the vehicle they were on. It was a fun start in the business and we developed some very loyal customers from the get go but it evolved into selling more radios, parts and accessories in no time.

In a matter of months we were the first to sell the Sirius Sportster Replay radio online. Beating out many large retailers. We gained a reputation for offering things that others didn’t and for being personable and helpful at the same time. The business grew and supported all sorts of satellite radio listeners, but it especially catered to those that weren’t getting served by their local big box store or Sirius or XM. There is a tremendous value in the fact that at TSSRadio we deal with the products, we have them in our warehouse, and we use them ourselves. You can’t say that about the majority of the outlets that offer these products.

Sirius and XM have come a long way and they continue to grow with Millions more subscribers per year. The service, programming and radios continue to change. Sometimes there are subscribers in need of something no longer offered. That’s where we really shine. We put in a tremendous effort to carry older products, niche products, replacement parts and more for when you need them.

This February will be our official 10 year anniversary in business and we truly thank you for being a customer of ours. We are in the business of serving you. From taking phone orders, to finding rare radios and parts to purchasing used or new equipment from our buyback program to repairing radios. Please let us know how we can help and serve you now and in the future!

We’ve worked to stay focused on our core values of customer service and quality products over these years and you’ve rewarded us with repeat business and referrals. That means a lot and it’s why we keep doing what we’re doing –

Peace and Love, Peace and Love –

October 19, 2014

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What is SiriusXM PowerConnect?

Tuesday, October 14th, 2014
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PowerConnect 5 Volt Car Power Adapter

In general, when it comes to 5 volt car power adapters, there are two types of Car Power Adapters to choose from: “PowerConnect” and Non-PowerConnect.

So, what exactly is the difference?

For starters, the plugs are different sizes and it’s important to buy the correct power adapter compatible with your dock.

“PowerConnect” is SiriusXM’s patented method of connecting your plug and play radio to your car stereo’s FM radio. With PowerConnect audio connection technology, the FM signal is sent directly to your car stereo instead of through the air.

Because PowerConnect works by connecting through the car’s power adapter socket (also known as the cigarette lighter jack), this method isn’t as ideal as using an Aux Cable or an FM Direct Adapter. However, it is a simple way to connect and you won’t have to take apart the dash to install an FM Direct Adapter.

PowerConnect Power Adapters must always match up to PowerConnect Docks/Cradles (SDPIV/XDPIV1/XDPIV2). The PowerConnect radios and power adapters are 5 volts and many customers confuse them with Non-PowerConnect 5 Volt power adapters.

While we accept returns within 30 days, our policy is that customers are responsible for all shipping costs if they buy an incompatible power adapter or dock. That’s why we highly recommend double-checking before placing your order. We have a parts finder that will confirm compatibility, and you can always email us.

powerconnectdemoHow to determine if you need a PowerConnect Car Power Adapter?
It is very easy to determine if you need a PowerConnect Power Adapter. If your Vehicle Dock has color coded inputs it means that you need a PowerConnect 5 Volt Car Power Adapter. If your Vehicle Dock doesn’t have that then you need a different power adapter.

How do I know if the 5 volt car power adapter is PowerConnect or not?
The OEM PowerConnect Power Adapter has a red tip.

We currently have 2 versions of PowerConnect Car Adapters. One is the OEM version here. The other has a thicker cabled coiled cord that only provides the power and NOT the audio portion. This version is less expensive but it’s great if you have the audio covered with an Aux connection or FM Direct Adapter.

PowerConnect Power Adapters:
SiriusXM 5 Volt PowerConnect Car Power Adapter (red tip)
TSS-Radio’s 5 Volt Coiled Cord (yellow tip, but still PowerConnect)

Non-PowerConnect Power Adapters:
Sirius Power Adapter
XM Power Adapter

USB Solutions:
USB outputs are required. We carry a Powered Mount with USB Ports.
USB to 5v PowerConnect Cable (3 foot)
USB to 5v PowerConnect Cable (4 inch)
USB to 5v Non-PowerConnect Cable (3 foot)
USB to 5v Non-PowerConnect Cable (2 inch)

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Best Ways to Contact

Friday, September 26th, 2014
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Got a question for We’re here to help. For faster service, here are the best ways to reach us:


Order online anytime, any day of the week. Or give us a call at 312-846-6606 during weekday business hours (10am-6pm CT).


Option 1. For quick and fast answers during weekday business hours (10am-6pm CT), send us an email at You can also tweet us @tssradio or message us on Facebook.

Option 2. For more detailed responses, email us at Drew, our repair person, handles that email. Since he works late night, please allow extra time for a response.


For questions about a product or an order, email us ( or give us a call at 312-846-6606. We are here to take your calls weekdays 10am-6pm CT. We will also return voicemails on Saturdays until 4pm.

We will help with troubleshooting questions for products purchased through TSS-Radio. Please have order number ready.


For all radio repairs, please send an email to our repair person Drew at Include the model number of your radio and the issues you are encountering. If the issue is something Drew can fix, he will tell you how to go about sending it to him for a repair. Repairs are generally around $50. Many customers with a lifetime subscription (an old option that SiriusXM no longer offers) opt for a radio repair, but often times it makes more sense to purchase a replacement radio. We carry new and refurbished/used radios at competitive prices.

*We do not repair boomboxes.


If you or someone you know would prefer to speak to someone in Spanish, Alex will be happy to assist you. His direct line is 312-508-5489.

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Announcement: Booey Ball Auction on eBay!

Tuesday, June 10th, 2014
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We at TSS-Radio are proud to announce today’s start of the Booey Ball auction on eBay:

Want to own a piece of Howard Stern Show history?? Well, we’ve had the pleasure of owning (and showing off) the “Booey Ball” for years now and it’s time to pass along that thrill to another deserving fan. We’ve even made it possible for anyone to get in on the action. Bidding begins at just $5 and there is no reserve. We don’t expect it will sit at a low amount for long, but that’s no reason not to dive in headfirst – you might just get lucky!
A little history: Gary Dell’Abate, world famous producer of the Howard Stern Show and butt of jokes (but super nice guy who can give as good as he takes, and that’s pretty dang good) was asked to throw out the first pitch for the New York Mets (Gary’s favorite baseball team) at the new Citi Field on May 9, 2009. Boy was it a wild one! To cut Gary some slack, it wasn’t the first “bad” pitch and it certainly won’t be the last one (just ask 50 Cent, a guy who doesn’t make a habit of being the butt of jokes but also rolled with the punches on his recent wild one).

When Gary tried to redeem himself on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the pitch (nearly?) hit an audience member. To frustrate our lovable Booey, Robin Quivers, Howard’s sidekick and newslady for most of his career, went on Kimmel and threw almost perfectly. Check out this link to see the pitches, side-by-side.

The signed ball and the jersey Gary wore on that date which will live in infamy is offered in this auction. As a bonus, the Kimmel ball, signed by Jimmy Kimmel and Gary is included!
That’s right, two balls, one jersey, and bids that start at 5 bucks with no reserve. Deal? Get to bidding, win this auction and a baba booey to y’all!

Click here for the eBay auction.

ballpage3557264_10151798460505786_1367414707_n31572_429981715785_7732090_n 31572_429983235785_8232037_n 10245465_10152461031180786_2224543023425243792_n

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Our Satellite Radio Buyback Program

Monday, September 2nd, 2013
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For years we’ve dealt with customers that are seeking out older Radios, Kits and Boomboxes that haven’t existed or been produced for some time. We understand how people can be loyal to the equipment they have used for years. We also have many customers with old Satellite Radios sitting around in boxes or closets doing nothing.

The great thing is we have a solution for both! Which is our TSSRadio Buyback Program. We are always seeking out various older radios for customers. If you have old Sirius XM Radios or Boomboxes or Kits, or even new ones you don’t need just contact us at 312-846-6606 and let us know. We will figure out whether we can purchase them off you and for what price we can do so.

So far here is a list of things we feel are easier for us to buyback.

-Sportster Replays/Streamer Replays. The Radios, and Car Kits

-Sirius SUBX1/SUBX2 Boomboxes

-Stiletto Radios and kits

-XMP3 Radios

For everything else just inquire. Feel free to call us Monday-Friday 10am-6pm Central time at 312-846-6606

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PowerConnect Adapters and Docks

Tuesday, February 26th, 2013
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A couple years ago SiriusXM introduced a patented solution to improve the audio quality from the Wireless FM Transmitters that are built into all the Plug and Play Radios.

That solution was called PowerConnect. Instead of the Plug and Play Radio simply sending the audio over the air to your cars FM Dial it instead injects it via the SiriusXM PowerConnect Power Adapter to the metal of the socket and your car. While this method isn’t as ideal as using an Aux Cable or an FM Direct Adapter it’s a very easy way to connect and Play your Radio with ease. Especially in small radio markets outside big cities.

PowerConnect 5 Volt Car Power Adapter

PowerConnect has helped a lot of TSS-Radio customers simply because it’s easier to buy a radio and not have to take apart the dash just to install an FM Direct Adapter. However it’s important to know one thing about PowerConnect when looking for replacement parts.

PowerConnect Power Adapters must always match up to PowerConnect Docks/Cradles. The PowerConnect radios and power adapters are 5 Volts and many customers confuse them with NON PowerConnect 5 Volt power adapters. We can’t highlight enough that you have to make sure you are purchasing the correct adapters or docks.

XM PowerConnect Car Cradle. Note the Color Coded Inputs.

The tip is that PowerConnect Docks/Cradles always have Color-Coded inputs. If your Vehicle Dock has color coded inputs it means that you need a PowerConnect 5 Volt Car Power Adapter. If your Vehicle Dock doesn’t have that then you need a different power adapter.

We currently have 2 versions of PowerConnect Car Adapters. One is the OEM version here. The other has a thicker cabled coiled cord that only provides the power and NOT the audio portion. This version is less expensive but it’s great if you have the audio covered with an Aux connection or FM Direct Adapter.

In addition some people like to use the Vehicle Docks in their home. If you have a PowerConnect Vehicle Dock but need a Home AC Adapter for it we do have a special PowerConnect AC Adapter just for you.

If you do need help with this our Parts finder is a big help or feel free to call us 10am-6pm Central time at 312-846-6606 or email us

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Discontinued Products

Sunday, February 24th, 2013
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We find a lot of customers get frustrated when things get discontinued or changed product wise. But it’s how things are and they will likely always be. Even if a car model or a phone is wildly popular and successful the manufacturer has to tweak it or replace it at some point.

Satellite Radios, parts and accessories are no different. And we have a couple products that are Discontinued, but for the time being we still have stock of as of publishing this post.

XMP3 Antenna Headphones

XMP3/XMP3i Antenna Headphones

If you have an XMP3 or XMP3i Portable XM Radio your radio has a built in Antenna, but some may need additional reception with the use of these Antenna Headphones. They are now discontinued and we have limited quantities.

XM Snap Radio

XM Snap

The XM Snap is an incredible simple and fun XM Radio. Installation is a Snap. All you do is put the PowerConnect stalk into the Cigarette Lighter, Mount the Antenna and either connect with an Aux Cable or use the PowerConnect to match up FM Frequencies and the install is done. The unit doesn’t have tons of features or presets but for a lot of people that’s the draw. Sadly the XM Snap is being discontinued and hopefully something fun and simple will come out in the future. In the meantime if you love the concept of the Snap, make sure you snap it up fast before they are gone!





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Who is TSS Radio?

Tuesday, February 19th, 2013
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Sometimes when people call to order Satellite Radio parts from us they really aren’t sure who we are. Maybe they were referred to us by SiriusXM customer service. Maybe a friend told them to come to us to get help finding a part. Some people might think we are a bigger company than we are and some may thing we are a home based business.

At one point this was a home based business. It started in my very small guest house apartment in Los Angeles. Things got very busy very fast and I moved to Chicago. We had as many as 13 people at one point working for TSS. Right now we are a solid 5-6 guys. The good thing is everyone at TSS knows the products and service inside and out. You might call a customer service rep at SiriusXM that may not even listen to the service or have a radio. We all do in some way or another. That’s what makes us who we are. We can understand what it’s like to break a radio and be miserable for days waiting for it to arrive.

Never hesitate to call and ask us for anything. Whether it be to price match a product or you need help with trying to get better sound quality with your Satellite Radio. We deal with people day in and day out and it’s likely we’ve heard it before and if we haven’t we can usually track down an answer.

So feel free to reach out to us and ask!

via Email

via Phone 312-846-6606

via Twitter @TSSRadio

via Facebook



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Radio is only as good as you make it

Friday, February 8th, 2013
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I’ve been a huge radio fan for all of my adult life. I prefer the radio to TV especially since it’s great to multitask to. You can work and listen to the radio, or commute and listen. But the problem with the radio is the dial. We all get in phases where we expect all the content on the channel to change instead of changing the channel. It’s always fun to mix some things up. Here are some suggestions. All I ask is that you be open minded enough to try some of them.

Howard Stern Alternatives

I love catching the Howard Stern show, but 3 live days isn’t feel like enough talk for me. So I love to catch Opie and Anthony, Covino and Rich or Jay Thomas as alternatives. To listen to Opie and Anthony you must either have XM or the SIRIUS Premier Package. But the show airs the same time the live Howard Stern show airs which is at 6am ET on channel 105/206. It also replays various times throughout the day. Covino and Rich air on Indie 104 between Noon and 4pm ET. There show isn’t as shocking or controversial as Jay Thomas, Stern or O&A but I like that about it. It’s fairly easy going and they always have great debates and mix up it up a lot of big celebrities. Finally Jay Thomas has a mix of controversial opinions and banter along with random guests promoting various books or odd accomplishments. The Jay Thomas show airs 3pm ET on Indie 104.

When things get too stressful

Spa 73 is perfect. It’s honestly great to have low in the background to just relax. I swear I can barely wake up if I leave it on overnight in the background. I can’t use this station enough to calm me down when things are too hectic. It’s perfect to have on using a Plug and Play Radio and an SXABB2 Portable Sound System because unlike using an Internet Feed that needs to be refreshed this will just keep playing in the background.

Off the beaten path

Radio Classics channel 82 can be a lot of fun. Every once in a while on a lazy rainy day I find myself listening to Radio Classics and it rarely disappoints. For one you end up realizing how different things used to be 50-80 years ago. It’s fairly funny how many suspenseful radio thrillers involve a total stranger knocking on the door of a home in a small town asking for help. There were always scandals and lies and it’s fun to try to discern who is the victim or suspect.

Pop Music Alternatives

If you end up getting sick of the same handful of songs played on Sirius XM Hits 1 it’s time to try out a few of the other Pop alternatives. My favorite is BBC Radio 1. I end up listening on the weekend and they mix it up really well with Hip Hop and Pop and a mix of British and US Artists. It’s a lot more refreshing mix to me. I end up loving the interactions the DJs have with various listeners and it always seems like some 14 year old British girl is working on her homework while listening to the BBC 1. BBC Radio 1 is found on the SiriusXM Internet service but currently not on the Satellite Radio service. 20 on 20 Channel 3 changed a few months back and ended up highlighting a lot more new music and songs not played on Hits 1. If you haven’t heard it recently, give it another shot. And if you are between 25 and 35 Pop2k which is on the Internet Feed and XM and SiriusXM Satellite Packages only is the best way to relive Pop hits from the 2000s. For some reason it really brings me back even though the songs are too old.

What channels have you ended up stumbling upon and enjoyed?

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Hard to find Satellite Radio Parts

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013
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A lot of people hit roadblocks when searching for old Satellite Radio parts. For the most part it’s difficult to find Boomboxes and Car Kits for Satellite Radios that are more than a few years old. But it never hurts to reach out to us and ask if we have something. We often have some used and open box products that aren’t listed on our website.

Just inquire by calling us at 312-846-6606 Mon-Fri 10am-6pm Central Time.

Below is a rough guideline on how easy or difficult it is to find parts for your old Sirius or XM Radio.

Satellite Radio Car Power Adapters-Easy

Satellite Radio Home Power Adapters-Easy

Satellite Radio Car Antennas-Easy

Satellite Radio Boomboxes-Hard

Satellite Radio Home Kits-Medium

Satellite Radio Car Kits-Hard

Satellite Radio Batteries-Medium

It’s always best to get the accessories and parts while you can!



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