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iSimple from TSS (Review)

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009
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This review is courtesy of MichiganMade “MM” from his DigitalRadioCentral thread. You may find the original post HERE.

Ever since my wife got her 2008 Nissan Altima I have been trying to figure out a way to get Sirius and her iPod connected in a way that wasn’t obtrusive or gaudy looking. I wanted a clean look.

At that time there was nothing available. So I just connected her Sportster 4 to an FM modulator and hid it in the compartment below the radio. She just used an stereo cable to use her iPod through her car stereo’s front Aux input.

Then a few months ago Taylor said a solution was coming. Then two weeks ago my iSimple Kit from TSS Radio finally arrived.

After I opened the package, I was a little overwhelmed at first. It seemed like a lot of work. I was wrong. After opening everything and piecing the whole kit together, I knew the install would not take too long.

Before I took the dash apart, I followed the “quick install” directions from TSS and updated the firmware to the Media Gateway. This is a very important step. I simply had to go to a website and download the firmware. You need a micro USB cable to do so.

I was excited to just get the unit connected so I could see how it worked. After a few minutes of disconnecting the harness to the car radio, installing the new harness, connecting back the car stereo harness, plugging in the iPod cable, and the Sirius…I was ready to go.

This is where you have to follow the “quick install” directions. You turn the car to accessory and wait three minutes. This allows all the peripherals to talk to each other. After the three minutes, you turn the car off and back on to accessory. Then I pressed the “RADIO” button on the car stereo. I then hit “TUNE” immediately and I scrolled through IPOD, AUX 1, and SIRIUS. I will explain how these work later.

I unhooked everything and had to decide where I would mount everything. This, for me, took the longest. You have to find a place where the Media Gateway and the SCC1 Sirius Tuner can be secure and not move.

Close up of the iSimple iPod Connector.

After I got everything secure and plugged in to the correct spots, I tried the system out once more before I put the dash back together. All was well. Installation is complete!

Your iPod will look like this (of course I have Modest Mouse on there).

Your car stereo will look like this.

I cannot express how impressed I am with this system. This what so many people have been looking for. It’s what I have been looking for. I finally get my clean install. The sound quality is second to none. Sirius sounds so crystal clear, much better than before with the FMDA and better than in my car using Sirius with an Aux Input.

If you are looking for a clean setup, look no further than the iSimple solution at TSS Radio.

This review is courtesy of MichiganMade “MM” from his DigitalRadioCentral thread. You may find the original post HERE.

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How to use a SIRIUS Car Kit, in your home

Monday, September 28th, 2009
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Have you ever bought a SIRIUS Radio with car kit and only wanted to use it your home?

Since most of the radios come with a car kit, the question is, How to make a car kit- that comes with your radio, work in the home? You will need a few parts to get that car kit working in your home.

You will need:

Home AC Power adapter

Audio cables

metal antenna stand

Here’s the location of the items:

1.) Find the Model number of your SIRIUS Radio. Usually located on the back of the receiver or near the barcode on the box.
2.) Log on to
3.) In the center of the page you will see a box labeled “Find Sirius Accessories” or “Find XM Accessories“.
4.) Find and select your radio’s model number from the drop down menu or Scroll down and select your receivers picture.

For Audio cables simply click on “Home Installation Parts“, and scroll down and find the appropriate audio cables for your application.

To find the Metal Antenna stand, just click on this link: Metal Vehicle Antenna Stand. This stand allows for your magnetic antenna to sit upright and face any direction you desire, for optimal signal reception.

Of course to expedite all this-just give us a call 773-772-4340 and we can set you up with a great solution!

We found this solution out after some of our customers, who were either given a radio or purchased one from a store and wanted to use it in their home. A lot of our tricks and tips really come from our own customers providing us feedback. We love satellite radio and we know you do too!

Our Staff knows SIRIUSXM Radios and accessories inside and out and we can create a setup that is perfect for you. Have a question? Just give us a call! or Send us an Email(

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New SIRIUS In-Dash Kits

Friday, September 25th, 2009
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TSS-Radio has a large selection of In-Dash SIRIUS Kits, but we had added even more kits to our inventory! Covering more vehicles and more years than ever before.

We are always adding kits and interfaces to supplement our inventory. If you do not see your vehicle listed please feel free to comment below and I can help either-find a solution or give you a development status on the conversion kit you desire.

Having In-Dash SIRIUS is great, however some vehicles cannot have SIRIUS integrated into their radio. In these cases there is several different solutions TSS-Radio offers to help.

For Cars not listed or not compatible:

The New Universal SiriusConnect Controller System is a great way to put semi-integrated SIRIUS Radio into any radio that can display text on its screen. This is a great way to achieve a OEM look and still have SIRIUS.

Dock and Play SIRIUS Radios

These units can be mounted in several different places on your vehicle’s dash and have a large selection of various features depending on model. A great solution if you plan on bringing SIRIUS into your home, just add a compatible SIRIUS Boombox.

Here is a brief list of all the vehicle makes we now have SIRIUS In-Dash Kits for:

Select your Make vehicle below:

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SIRIUS Channel Presets for your workout

Thursday, September 17th, 2009
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I’ve have compiled a list of 10 Presets on SIRIUS to use for your workout. If you own/work at a gym try these out and see how people react.

Preset 1-Channel 38 Area 38: features mainstream electronic dance mixes. Peppy and upbeat great for a cardio workout or circuit training.

Preset 2-Channel 1 SIRIUSXM Hits 1- features Pop to Hip-Hop and Rock to R&B. Great for free weights or stair steppers.

Preset 3-Channel 19  Boneyard-Hard and Heavy classic rock-Great for when you need to dig deep and finish that last set.

Preset 4– Channel 50 The Heat- Mainstream R&B- Great station for any kind of workout.

Preset 5-Channel 71 Watercolors- Contemporary Jazz. Great of stretching, yoga or slower paced workouts.

Preset 6– Channel 105 Laugh USA-Comedy for everyone. Great, if you like to burst out laughing while in the middle of the workout.

Preset 7– Channel 133 HLN-News and Views- Great for people who like to keep up-to-date with world news, while in the gym.

Preset 8– Channel 120 ESPN Radio- Love the gym and sports? Keep on the cutting edge of Sports talk with ESPN Radio.

Preset 9-Channel 36 BPM-Today’s Dance music hits. Upbeat and driving music to keep you going.

Preset 10– Channel 12 The Pulse-Pop music from the 90’s and Now. Great for any workout.

These are just a few presets that I think could help you with your workout in the gym. If your gym plays normal FM radio, ask them to try out SIRIUSXM Radio (besides cutting out commercials they may find people flock to their gym just to listen to SIRIUSXM!).

If you do not already have a SIRIUS portable Radio, Check out the Stiletto 2 Receiver or hit me back in the comments for a special deal!

And if you have a Stiletto 2 already, do you have an Armband Case?

Thanks Everyone!

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New Satellite is turned on

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009
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As some of you may have heard, the new SIRIUS Satellite is up and running. Across the web, blogs and websites are announcing the new satellite being activated, however here at TSS-Radio, we would like to know: Has your Signal changed today/recently? Have you experienced any kind of signal strength increase?

We would like to find out from as many people possible,  how the new satellite is helping people enhance their signal-a simple way to judge is to check you SIRIUS Radio’s Signal Indicator.

Checking your SIRIUS Signal is simple and can help you diagnose any Signal issues you may have, here is how you check your signal:

1. Turn your SIRIUS Radio on

2. Press the Menu button (on some radios, you may have to press and hold the menu button to access the menu)


4. Select that option

5. You will now see two different gauges, One says “TER” or “T” the other is “SAT” or “S”

6. Note how many bars are filled in

The “TER” means your Terrestrial signal-basically the signal that comes from on the ground SIRIUS repeaters in your local area. The “SAT” mean Satellite signal-bascially the signal that comes from the SIRIUS Satellite orbiting overhead. The “SAT” should be the one affected with this new satellite turning on.

If you could send us your findings and the area you live in, that would be fantastic. We are curious to see the affect and what we can look to expect from the new SIRIUS Satellite. Thank You.

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iPhone and iPod Accessories

Monday, July 27th, 2009
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TSS-Radio is now carrying a variety of iPhone and iPod accessories

iPods and iPhones are growing in popularity, this is undeniable. Since SIRIUSXM has announced the SIRIUSXM App for the iPhone we have been looking into several docking stations, cases and accessories for the iPhone and iPod, to keep out Satellite Radio fans equipped. We got stuck on a few products that we think are designed with such great quality and practicality that we are excited to bring these products to you.

Adding new products here at TSS-Radio is not an easy task.  We check each item thoroughly before approving for sale on our website and make sure the product page is as complete and thorough to include any information you may need about the item. When new products arrive we get very excited about them. We like to have new items and evolve as a business to meet the communities needs. With the SIRIUSXM app now released we feel like these products below will help out not just iPhone/iPod users, but also iPhone/iPod users who love SIRIUSXM.
Speck iPhone 3G PixelSkin Case-Black-PixelSkin’s lightweight, form-fit helps protect your iPhone from bumps and scrapes, while the textured tile pattern provides a comfortable, tactile sensation in your hand and a no-slip grip. The case offers openings to all ports, controls and sensors for convenient accessibility. Works with iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS only.

iPod Car Charger-Powers and charges your iPod in your vehicle with this iPower cigarette lighter power adapter. For all iPod models:iPod Classic, iPod Touch, iPhone and iPhone 3G.

Belkin Headphone Adapter for iPhone-The Belkin Headphone Adapter for iPhone allows you to connect any headset with a 3.5mm plug to your iPhone. Simply attach one end of the Adapter into the recessed audio jack of your iPhone, and the other into your existing headset.

3.5-POD iPod dock to 3.5 mm plug-The 3.5-POD will plug into any female 3.5mm auxiliary input jack of an OEM or aftermarket radio to play the audio from your iPod (dock connector) through the audio system while maintaining digital sound quality. Compatible iPods: G3, G4, Mini, Nano, Photo & Video NOTE:This item will not charge your iPod.

We also carry a variety of iPhone/iPod Vehicle Adapters including:

We have many more adapters to work with your vehicle, CLICK HERE to see our wide selection of iPod/iPhone Adapters

Also another exciting item we carry is the Grace Wireless Internet Radio with iPod Dock

Grace Wireless Internet Radio with iPod Dock– features two 3″ speakers, Pandora, Sirius Internet Radio, iPod Dock, input jack for your MP3 player. Over 15,00 internet radio stations of music, talk radio, podcast, personal in any room, without wires.


  • iPod Dock
  • Sign into to create and download a “My Stuff” folder to your radio allowing for easy access to all your favorite stations.
  • Select stations by region, country, station, or by over 50 musical generes.
  • Wirelessly stream your music library from your PC or MAC.
  • No PC required.
  • Up to 5 alarms can be set at a time.

We also have another tabletop docking station:

SIRIUS Soloist Universal Sound System-This multi-functional media dock from Directed Electronics features the most versatile, amplified dock with a patented NXT stereo sound panel. It can handle any Universal Plug and Play SIRIUS radio and All 30-pin iPod Models via simple interchangeable cradles. The Soloist delivers 20 watts of clear, dynamic sound from simply plugging in your SIRIUS Satellite Radio or iPod. The Soloist will allow you to enjoy your favorite SIRIUS programming or iPod in your home or office.

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SIRIUS Boombox Power Adapters

Friday, July 24th, 2009
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Sirius XM Satellite Radio has a variety of accessories that you can choose from to supplement your Plug and Play Receiver. One of those accessories is a Sirius Satellite Radio Plug and Play Boombox. These boomboxes are designed to dock your receiver and provide the ability to listen to your Sirius Receiver via the boombox’s built in speakers. Sirius Boomboxes have the ability to be powered in several different ways. The most popular way to power a Sirius boombox is the Boombox AC Adapter. This adapter is designed to plug into any standard home power outlet and connect to your boombox’s DC 12V power port in the back of the boombox. All new Sirius boomboxes come with a Home AC Adapter from the factory in the box.

Another popular way to power a Sirius boombox is via batteries. In most cases 8-D Cell batteries provide power to the boombox and plays your Sirius Receiver for a set amount of time. This does have its own obvious flaws, as the batteries can only last for a certain amount of time.

The last way to power your Sirius boombox is with the Boombox Cigarette Lighter Adapter. This adapter is essential for anyone who would like to use a Sirius Boombox in a vehicle. This adapter plugs right into the cigarette lighter of a vehicle and connects right to the DC12V power port on the back of the boombox.

The other key element to the Sirius boombox power adapter is that they can be damaged just like any other type of power adapter. These adapters must be replaced if they show signs of excessive wear, fraying or splintering. When a power cable is damaged and not replaced, there is a high risk of damaged to either the Sirius boombox or the Sirius receiver. When replacing these receivers be sure to shop from a trusted source and be sure that you can see a compatibility chart of some sort, that includes your boombox. If you do not see a compatiblity chart that references your boombox, when buying a Sirius boombox power adapter, you run the risk of either buying an incorrect part or damaging your Sirius boombox or Sirius receiver. “Universal” power adapters sold at many stores do not allow for proper connection or proper voltage to flow to the Sirius boombox, which could cause damage. When shopping for Sirius Boombox adapter be sure that you check for a compatiblity chart and confirm that you see your boombox listed.

Below is a compatiblity chart that includes many Sirius boomboxes. This is designed as a guide for you, to help find the proper adapter for your needs:

Boombox Model

Home AC Adapter

Cigarette Lighter Adapter

SIRIUS Universal Boombox SUBX2

SIRIUS Boombox AC Adapter 3A

Boombox Cigarette Lighter Adapter

SIRIUS Universal Boombox SUBX1

SIRIUS Boombox AC Adapter 3A

Boombox Cigarette Lighter Adapter

Stiletto 10/100 Boombox SLBB1

SIRIUS Boombox AC Adapter 3A

Boombox Cigarette Lighter Adapter

Stiletto Universal Boombox SLBB2

SIRIUS Boombox AC Adapter 3A

Boombox Cigarette Lighter Adapter

Stiletto 10/100 Executive System SLEX1

SIRIUS Boombox AC Adapter 3A

Boombox Cigarette Lighter Adapter

Stiletto Universal Executive System SLEX2

SIRIUS Boombox AC Adapter 3A

Boombox Cigarette Lighter Adapter

SIRIUS S50 Executive System S50-EX1

SIRIUS Boombox AC Adapter 3A

Boombox Cigarette Lighter Adapter

For Older Style Boomboxes

Boombox Model

Home AC Adapter

Cigarette Lighter Adapter

SIRIUS Sportster SPB1 Boombox

SIRIUS Boombox AC Adapter 2.5A

Boombox Cigarette Lighter Adapter

Streamer Replay Boombox STRB1

SIRIUS Boombox AC Adapter 2.5A

Boombox Cigarette Lighter Adapter

Starmate Replay Boomcube STB2

SIRIUS Boombox AC Adapter 2.5A

Boombox Cigarette Lighter Adapter

Xact Portable Boombox XS027

SIRIUS Boombox AC Adapter 2.5A

Boombox Cigarette Lighter Adapter

Audiovox Boombox SIR-BB3

SIRIUS Boombox AC Adapter 2.5A

Boombox Cigarette Lighter Adapter

JVC KS-SB200 Boombox

SIRIUS Boombox AC Adapter 2.5A

Boombox Cigarette Lighter Adapter

Xact Boombox XS075

SIRIUS Boombox AC Adapter 2.5A

Boombox Cigarette Lighter Adapter

Xact Boombox XS097

SIRIUS Boombox AC Adapter 2.5A

Boombox Cigarette Lighter Adapter

Other Power Adapters:

SRH-550 Home AC Power Adapter

Soloist Home AC Power Adapter

If you have questions on which power adapter to use, feel free to give us a call 773-772-4340 or Email Josh

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A Look at Local Chicago Install Shop: ShowTime Audio

Saturday, July 11th, 2009
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I took a trip down to our local install shop and good friends, ShowTime Audio, and had a little chat with the owner Jerry.


I asked Jerry a few questions dealing with Satellite Radio and Installation, here is what I got:

Josh from TSS-Radio: How many years has ShowTime Audio been in business?

Jerry from Showtime Audio: We have been in business for over 10 years.

Josh: Do you guarantee your work?

Jerry: All our work carries a lifetime guarantee.

Josh: What type of services do you offer?

Jerry: We can do anything! Cars, Truck, SUV, Boats Motorcycles and ATVs basically we do it all. We even decked out a power wheels car(which can be found HERE).

Josh: Have you ever worked on celebrity cars? or other famous work?

Jerry: We’ve done projects for Twista,Criss Angel, Jerry Azumah, Shawn Marion, Snoop Dogg and more.

Josh: If I was in a a different town, let says Miami or LA, how would I find a good local install shop?

Jerry: Pictures. Simply look for pictures of past work, if they aren’t proud of their past work-there’s a problem.

Josh: Ok so I bring in my car to your shop, what is the turnaround time for a Sportster 5 install?

Jerry: You have to get the FM Direct Adapter, really that’s a first step, but I could get you out of here in about an hour. Maybe more if you want some customizing.

Josh: If my car was a Lease, should I be worried about Satellite Radio installation?

Jerry: No worries-anything we do, we can remove and leave no trace that it was even there.

Josh: Here in Chicago, do you get a lot of people asking for Satellite Radio?

Jerry: People really value a great service, we get a solid amount of requests for Satellite Radio. People on boats in the water don’t want to struggle finding an FM station and when we trick out the nice cars, they want to have a non-stop quality sound coming from the stereo-which Satellite Radio provides.

Josh: Where would you like to see Satellite Radio in the future?

Jerry: Video, it would be great for them to expand the video channels.

Josh: What types of Satellite Radio can you install?

Jerry: We can install the portable units as well as the fully integrated In-Dash options.

Josh:What would a standard Plug and Play SIRIUS receiver cost to be installed on standard sedan?

Jerry: It would cost about $100 to be fully installed

Josh:If a customer would like satellite radio, do they often already know what they want?

Jerry: Yes, they usually already have something picked out or already purchased.

Josh:Is there much installation difference between SIRIUS and XM?

Jerry: Not really other than the In Dash options. XM has the Direct2 which complicates things a little.

Josh:How much would In Dash SIRIUS Cost?

Jerry: About the same unless it is a labor intensive vehicle, which we would know beforehand.

Josh:How long would it take to install In Dash SIRIUS Radio?

Jerry: About an Hour

Josh: Do you guys install on Semi-Trucks?

Jerry: Of course, we just had a Semi-Truck come through recently and got setup really nice.

Josh: Do Semis pose more problems than cars?

Jerry: Not really, they are bigger vehicles so other than their size, no.

Josh:Do boats pose any challenges for you?

Jerry: As long as you can get it here, we can install on it.

Josh: And last but not least, What do you think of the SIRIUS Connect Vehicle Kit SCVDOC1?

Jerry: We don’t like it. It’s just hard to explain to customer what advantages it offers over the dedicated tuners. Some people like it, but these people researched it and know what it is and what it does.

I would add some more photos in here for you to see, but you have to check out their website to really appreciate the quality they put into each vehicle, Check out their Photo Gallery

Showtime Audio has won awards for their quality work, you can see all their accomplishments HERE
They can take your dream and bring it to reality- their customer service is superior and the quality is showstopping.



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TSS-Radio Podcast

Wednesday, July 8th, 2009
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TSS-Radio Podcast featuring updates on topics ranging from News to SIRIUS updates. The Podcast will keep you in the loop on all the happenings in the Satellite Radio world and beyond!

Topics range from:

Death of the King of Pop, Sirius Satellite Radio launches tribute channel: SIRIUS 51, XM 62

Farrah Fawcett, Steve McNair,Ed McMahon, David Caradine and  Billy Mays passed away

TSS-Radio News Update: Baba Booey’s First Pitch Ball is being housed PUBLICLY at TSS-Radio, come take a look!

SIRIUS iPhone app is growing rapidly

New SIRIUS Satellite is in the Air

Looking for SIRIUS in a GM vehicle? TSS-Radio is the complete source for SIRIUS In-Dash integration.

Hear this week’s TSS-Radio Podcast here

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A New Satellite is in the Air

Wednesday, July 1st, 2009
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SIRIUS FM5 Launches on June 30th 2009

What does this mean for you? As a SIRIUSXM Subscriber you can now look forward to a new high powered geostationary satellite that will enhance the SIRIUSXM service. This satellite adds of the already stellar lineup of satellites providing all of us with non-stop entertainment.

Launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, this satellite is major investment into the satellite radio industry designed to supplement the exhisting satellites and provided an enhanced service to all of us SIRIUSXM Subscribers.

According to, “The Sirius FM-5 Satellite – based on the Space Systems/Loral 1300 platform – is said to be one of the most powerful satellites ever constructed, and will be the first geostationary satellite in Sirius’ roster of satellites.”

The new satellite, which produced nearly 2.5 million pounds of thrust during its launch Yesterday at 3:10pm ET, has the ability to help fill in the outline of SIRIUSXM’s current fleet of satellites.

Mission Statement:

“SIRIUS XM Radio is America’s satellite radio company delivering
commercial-free music channels, premier sports, news, talk,
entertainment, traffic and weather to millions of subscribers.
The SIRIUS XM FM-5 satellite will supplement the existing fleet
of SIRIUS satellites with a high-power geostationary satellite
that enhances the listening experience. It will ensure SIRIUS
XM’s array of audio and data services are received robustly by
cars and mobile devices, improve the signal delivery to homes,
and bolster the continuity of our service for years to come.
SIRIUS XM is installed in vehicles of every major automaker
and available for sale at retail locations nationwide. SIRIUS
XM offers SIRIUS Backseat TV, the first live in-vehicle rear seat
entertainment, featuring Nickelodeon, Disney Channel and
Cartoon Network, as well as XM NavTraffic® service for GPS
navigation systems, delivering real-time traffic information to
markets across North America.”
Specifications of the Proton launch vehicle:

Total Height
58.2 m (191 ft)
Gross Liftoff

705,000 kg
(1,554,000 lb)
UDMH and N2O4


This satellite marks the 4th SIRIUS Satellite that has been launched on a Proton launch vehicle.

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