How do you take your Media? DVDs? MP3s? Blu-Ray? Radio?

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Long has media been a part of our lives. We use media every day; Magazines, DVD’s, or Radio, we use these tools to either get information or the entertainment that we need/desire. The types of media that is available to people is so numerous to even begin counting. But there has to been one media you use that you rely on more. For some TV is the largest media device in their lives for others Radio either Satellite or Terrestrial. We all find a devices and medias to suit our needs and desires.

I am asking you, the readers of the TSS-Radio Blog, What media do you use and how do you like it? I asked several of the employees here at TSS-Radio to see what media they use and how the feel about it. Here is what I got:

netflix Myself(Josh): I just got Netflix for my Xbox360. It streams right to my HDTV and displays the movie’s full glory. The amount of instant content on Netflix is a little lacking(around 12,000 titles), but the quality of the stream(variable by ISP of course, I use just standard cable internet) is outstanding. As my colleague on Digital Radio Central, Sgip2000, pointed out, you have to preselect the content you want to see on from your computer first and then it becomes available on your Xbox360. Other than the preselection of the content, I would suggest to anyone who has both an Xbox360 and Netflix to check it out. It’s a great way to watch the Netflix Instant content on your TV and in HD.

siriusTish:I have a lot of stuff. Specifically, I have a lot of entertainment options.  From an iPod and Wii to DJ equipment and digital cable, I can never legitimately be bored.  There are two things, though, that have really simplified my media consumption.  First is the Tivo.  Tivo allows me to watch whatever I want whenever I have time.  I love that I can set the Tivo to record some obscure movie that only plays once at 3 A.M. on Wednesday night and then watch it at my leisure–which is definitely NOT 3 A.M. on a Wednesday night!

The second media device that has made my life a lot easier is my SIRIUS Satellite Radio.  I currently live in Chicago but my family lives in Southwest Ohio, so I travel back and forth several times a year by car.  The SIRIUS radio allows me to listen to commercial free music, with a wide variety of musical genres represented, without changing the channel or dealing with static for the entire 500 mile trip.  Besides the music, I LOVE the NPR stations!  I always try to schedule my trip so I can catch Talk of the Nation Science Friday and The Splendid Table on the weekends. In addition to the great programming–SIRIUS has that traditional radio feel that is missing from the iPod or Slacker experience.  I actually really like hearing DJs and top of the hour news reports and the variety of talk programs.  I love music, but the human element is really missing from most of the other portable media options. There is something special about the personal feel you get with talk or terrestrial radio and I feel SIRIUS offers that without all of the repetitive junk and commercials.

All in all, the Tivo and SIRIUS Radio both offer diversity in your programming options and the ability to enjoy only what you are interested in without all of the filler.  So, if you haven’t already….Check ’em out!!

memorexRoss:I put the Memorex cassette mix tape into my GE walkman and then put my Koss over ear headphones on (need to replace that damn missing foam on one ear).

We will be adding a few more opinions from TSS-Radio Staff, but now we want to hear from You. Just Click Below to COMMENT and tell us about your media!

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